My breath catches and my body tenses to collapse.

Then suddenly I’m not in my body anymore. I am floating a few feet in front of myself watching as  my limp form falls to the ground and is then gently pulled and enveloped into the earth itself
But before I am entirely enveloped, and a pale hand is reaching peacefully out towards the late afternoon sun, I am flying. Slowly at first, still looking back to the earth as I rise into the sky.

Then I jump. I leap and soar through the air and space faster than I could ever have imagined possible until I crash into the sun in a burst of brilliance and light. I

The warmth fills me and the energy is so overwhelming and powerful I can’t help but escape this glowing orb and stream back to earth as the warmth and light and energy that I’ve become. I touch a flower and feel it bloom, beat down on a lounging girl and feel my warmth fill and elate her. I peak through a cloud and small child smiles, rise over the horizon and hear the distant gasp of lovers watching the early morning sky. I feel and am filled with their joy and realease and calm. I sense every touch and travel in one conscience, but know I’ve surrounded the globe all at once and just as quickly as I came I rush back emitting nothing but being eternally pulled to the sun only to glide back to earth again.
This is death. An eternal cycle, an endless knowledge and a boundless reach. This is what it feels like to live and then let go.
It feels like warmth, and energy, and light.


  1. I like how you write, you know how to express yourself well, not many people have the talent to do so. :)

    1. Thank you so much :) really appreciate it


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