Monday, January 9, 2012

Not good; But not horrible

Weekend + travel + family = not good for weight loss
good at tests + extra credit + finishing homework during classes = good for grades

My auditions this past weekend were not good, but they were not horrible. I didn't feel at the top of my game but I felt like I was towards the top of the group comparatively speaking. Now for the 2 week wait for results. While speaking of dance, we won't be getting casting until next month most likely, a full 2 1/2 months later than originally planned. All of this waiting is gnawing at my brain  and making it hard to function.

Not to mention my self loathing for being so bad this weekend. I've gained 2 lb. Ugh! I was off to such a good start. I suppose I'll have to start over now. I'm hoping to go to the market with my mother and pick up some fruit. As of now the only things in the house are cookies and other such starches :( To the fast! I need to get rid of this weight, I need to be small, I need to be thin, I need to fit into all of my old clothes, I need them to be big, I need to be perfect.
Goal updates ~
Grades: .8% to go in chem; 1.7% to go in AP European History; barley an A in Spanish
Weight: up 2 lb.
tomorrow ~ green tea and water fast; rest my injury; keep away from the freaking cookies; try not to hate myself so much ( not going to happen ...)
It's a new week! Lets do this girlies!

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