Monday, January 23, 2012

Step by step

I'm sorry it's been so long. Busy can not describe these past few weeks, or the weeks to come. After a long time of chaos I've decided to start with organizing the pieces of the world around me, and if I ever do finish, organize the pieces within my mind. So far I've cleaned out my bathroom and I'm 1/4 of the way done with my room. My backpack is once again the orderly array of school supplies it was at the beginning of the year. Step by step.
I'm really struggling with weekends and just with my family in general to be able to lose weight. It's begun to feel like any progress made during the week just regresses over the weekend. So this is still an uphill battle I've yet to understand how to climb. But I do start P.E. and therefor cardio this new quarter.
Which brings me to amazing news part 1. I got my 4.0!!! A few of my classes were close, but I'm not going to care. When I apply to college they'll see a perfect row of A's.
And what is amazing news part 2? I was accepted to the American Ballet Theater's Summer intensive in NEW YORK CITY! (please pardon my shouting, I'm not trying to be rude.) That probably doesn't mean much to many of you, but it's an amazing opportunity and I can't believe I got in.
If I don't post very often over the next few weeks it's because I'm either busy, or my mother is borrowing my computer. Which happens a lot.
My hips are doing a good deal better. Not entirely healed but on their way. Miss and love you girls <3
Special thanks to:
stillimagining thank you :) I don't really know where it came from. But I enjoyed writing it and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.
Till next time, and hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm staying in the loop as well as I can on my phone. We will all reach our destinations, step by step and in leaps and bounds.


  1. Congratulations on getting into the ballet program, I can tell you've worked really hard for it and you definetly deserve it. Hope your hips are all better soon :)

  2. I know what you mean about that trouble with parents on the weekends! And congrats about the Ballet Company :)

  3. ohmygosh wow CONGRATS dear!!! that is such wonderful news! U definitely deserve it! Stay strong<3


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